Musings of An Animation Girl


Eyes, nose, mouth, head, hands, ears and folds reference drawing tutorials.


Francis is another short horror film about a daring 17 year old girl, who finds herself alone in the middle of a lake. Trouble starts to brew. We find ourselves with more questions than answers at the end. (Watch it here) (Masterpost of creepy short films)


I did these backgrounds for an ios app game this past year.

His arts is simply amazing. Check out the rest of his posts.


Higher Sky- Eric Cheng-

Beautiful animation.



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Nice brushes


Brad Breeck - S2 Trailer Theme
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The full theme from our S2 Trailer, originally composed as an alternate theme song by Gravity Falls composer Brad Breeck!


My 4th year film ‘Mirage’ is finally online! Joint project with my partner Iker.  Hope ya’ll enjoy it.


Dungeon Duo: Crab Caverns (animatic)

Big and Tiny begin looting the famous “Crab Caverns” for legendary items; they soon find out they aren’t the only dungeon runners looking to get rich quick.

Original Animatic by yours truly. Enjoy!

Awesome animatic short by Jacob Eaton.

Thanks to my lovely sister for being my model. Decided to have fun and make the first photo a black and white aged photo. 

Taken at Barbwire and Lace

Some more beautiful textures and object photograph taken at Barbwire and Lace